Jacinto Silva

Jacinto by the numbers: 1 Torbie cat named Squatt 2 immigrant parents from Mexico 1st generation college graduate 0 cooking skills 3 years of owning a bike 100 unnecessary milligrams of caffeine

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Kasey Bumgardner

Kasey by the numbers: 119 ceramic pieces made in 2023 (so far) 6 different states lived in 1 happy dog named Bowser 1 pair of socks knitted + Countless single socks knitted without their pair Kasey graduated from Scripps College

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Pilar Hillis

Pilar by the numbers: 1 28 lb. Siamese cat in the house who believes he is a dog. 3 amazing children, 2 boys and 1 girl 100 an estimate of the pairs of shoes that may be in my closet

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Alysen Saballos

Alysen by the numbers: 1 Sony walkman6 unfinished sketch books12 pairs of sneakers52 playlists on Spotify296 hours spent building and decorating houses on The Sims 4 Alysen graduated from Southern Oregon University with a BFA in Theatre Arts and a

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Prin Ocea

Prin by the numbers: 1 international trip that they love talking about 65 degrees Fahrenheit feels cold to this Floridian 100 potted plants (approximately) Prin received their B.A. from the University of South Florida in Women’s & Gender Studies with

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Oak VanSlyke

Oak by the numbers: 21: Successful escapes in Hades the Video Game 72: Years my family has gone camping on the same site on Mt Hood 34: Inches of Hair (and still growing!) Oak received their B.A. in Political Science from

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Marielle Norris

Marielle by the numbers: 1.5 age at time of adoption 7 foreign languages studied 5 highest grade of indoor boulders climbed so far 8 years vegetarian Marielle was adopted from China and grew up in Tacoma, Atlanta, D.C., Portland, and

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Tricia Satre

        Tricia joins Portland DBT Institute (PDBTI) as Client Support Partner and Project Manager, after serving for over two decades as Senior Client Partner at Behavioral Tech, LLC (BTECH), the original DBT training organization founded by DBT

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Sarah Cuevas

Sarah by the numbers: 1 year old cat named Tulip who gives exceptional headbutts 2 guitars: a 000-15M Martin & her dad’s ladder braced Kay 5 years working in the art department at her alma mater Has consumed 15,837 cups

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Katy Sanchez

Katy by the numbers: 6 currently owned skulls of animals 12 pairs of trousers in my closet 147 packets of seeds in my propagation collection Katy Sanchez received a Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology with an emphasis in Forensics, a

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