The Portland DBT Institute strongly believes in the scientist/practitioner model, and is committed to adding to the research base on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, treatment of borderline personality disorder, and general implementation of evidence-based practice. We are published and have presented nationally on these topics, and are proud to partner with local and national institutions to advance the efficacious treatment of mental disorders.

In addition to our formal research activities, we conduct extensive program evaluation on our own services in order to ensure fidelity to the treatment model (see PsychSurveys), examine patterns in service utilization, seek out solutions to barriers to access to services, and expand service options to meet treatment needs.

Take 10: Quarterly DBT Research Takeaways

To make scientific articles accessible, the Research Team at Portland DBT Institute is introducing our “Take 10” series of DBT research overviews.

Overviews will include brief summaries of selected articles published during the previous quarter, organized by topic of study. This resource is perfect for those of us who want a concise, but fairly comprehensive overview of findings, who might not otherwise have time to conduct our own literature reviews.

Portland DBT Wants to Hear from You!

Our Research Team is launching a survey that will investigate different approaches to phone coaching and how they relate to therapist burnout, client outcomes, and other factors. Both DBT therapists and past/current clients can participate! More information is shown below:

For information about research activities at Portland DBT Institute, please contact the research program manager, Andrew White, PhD, ABPP at or by phone at (503) 290-3281.