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Erica Tan, PsyD

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Erica Tan, PsyD, received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University. Presently, she is a licensed clinical psychologist in Oregon and is an Adolescent and Family team member at Portland DBT Institute working extensively with at-risk teens who struggle with self-harming behaviors and suicidality. She also specializes in work with LGBTQIAA individuals and their families. As a senior member of the staff at PDBTI, she provides supervision to post-doctoral residents on site.  Dr. Tan is also a member of the training team and has led 2-day trainings and helped to co-lead the 5 day CITI intensive training sponsored by PDBTI.  She also provides consultation to programs and other therapists. Dr. Tan has received intensive and advanced intensive DBT training with BTech in 2011 and 2012, additional 2-day DBT training, and mindfulness retreats. To support her practice as a psychologist who values empirically supported treatments, Dr. Tan is a DBT- Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician. Erica is currently supervised by Linda Dimeff, PhD.


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