Teen and Family Intensive Outpatient Program

For many people with intense emotion dysregulation, standard outpatient DBT is enough. Sometimes, however, a more intensive approach may be preferred for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to avoid hospitalization and other higher levels of care.
  • when you want or need more rapid progress.
  • as a step-down from a higher level of care, like hospitalization or residential treatment.
  • to have greater structure and support than is usually available through standard outpatient care.
  • when you have time constraints and need to receive more treatment in fewer weeks (e.g., returning to school or work) or other challenges (e.g., have childcare challenges, have to commute a long way for treatment).
  • when your problems are more complex, severe, and potentially life-threatening and require more frequent care.

Telehealth Delivered. Since the start of COVID, we have successfully converted all our treatment services, including our IOPs, to telehealth. All standard services and IOPs are currently offered via HIPAA-secure video conferencing.

Teen and Family DBT IOP (Teen ages 13-17):
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Offered for 9 hours over three days a week, PDBTI’s Teen and Family DBT IOP is designed for teens 13 to 17 years old who struggle with:
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Self-harm/Suicidal ideation
  • Poor emotion regulation
  • Difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

Our Teen and Family DBT IOP offers all of the components of standard outpatient DBT in a more intensive format – three days a week from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. In addition to group sessions, teens meet weekly with an individual therapist for an hour. Individual sessions will be scheduled at mutually convenient times. Our Teen and Family DBT IOP also includes the following as-needed services: DBT coaching calls (outside program hours) and medication management.

Treatment occurs in eight-week cycles. Clients are expected to repeat the eight-week cycle at least once and may stay longer when needed.

Insurance Coverage: The Teen IOP is contracted with the following insurance providers: BCBSMODACigna, Pacific Source, Kaiser, Trillium CCO, Providence commercial plans (not Providence Medicare plans).

Teen and Family IOP Groups Description

Multi-Family DBT Skills Training. Teens and at least one parent/caregiver meet together to learn and practice DBT skills for regulating emotions, managing distress, and improving relationships, as well as mindfulness. Members complete homework outside of the group to further strengthen skills mastery.

Building Structure to a Life Worth Living. For many of us, structure provides a framework for our lives. It is also an important ingredient in managing mood, building independence, and preventing relapse. Members focus on building healthy structure in their life – through middle path structuring of social, school, and extracurricular activities. This group will also help prepare teens for the upcoming weekend (offered on Thursdays) and stepping down from the IOP. Taught twice monthly.

Reaching Your Goals. We will focus on a variety of topics – all intended to help improve executive functioning including: how to not let procrastination get the best of you, how to figure out one’s priorities and sticking with them, managing anxiety associated with FOMO, developing routines that support emotion regulation.

Health and Wellness. Topics range from nutrition and exercise to regulating sleep and sexual safety. Throughout the IOP, members will be encouraged to increase their wellness behaviors to support their recovery goals. Taught twice monthly.

Teen and Family DBT IOP Schedule

Treatment occurs in eight-week cycles. Clients are expected to repeat the eight-week cycle at least once and may stay longer when needed. Clients typically step down to a DBT Enhanced Skills Training program after completing the IOP, depending on their need, to help solidify and maintain gains made during intensive treatment. In some cases, clients may continue in full program, depending on therapist availability and client need. The three-days a week standard Adolescent DBT IOP schedule includes:

Time Monday Wednesday Thursday
4:00pm Mindfulness Mindfulness Mindfulness
4:30pm Multi-Family DBT Skills Homework Review Reaching Your Goals
(Executive Functioning)
Multi-Family DBT Skills Homework Review
5:45 pm Multi-Family DBT Skills Training Improving Mood with Building Structure



Health and Wellness

Multi-Family DBT Skills Training
6:50pm Wrap Up Wrap Up Wrap Up

To get started, contact the IOP Community Liaison Team at 971-350-3350 or via email at iop@pdbti.org, or complete electronically an Interest Form.