DBT CITI: Comprehensive Implementation & Training Intensive


Comprehensive Implementation & Training Intensive

Two-Part, Immersive DBT Training Experience

Erica Tan, PsyD, DBT-LBC


DBT CITI PART I: Oct 7-9 & Oct 15-16, 2024 

Presented via Zoom Video Communications

Presented by:

Erica Tan, PsyD
DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician™

Andrew White, PhD, ABPP, DBT-LBC

Andrew White, PhD, ABPP
DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician™

DBT CITI PART II: Tuesdays beginning April 2025

Presented via Zoom Video Communication

Presented by:
Andrew White, PhD, ABPP
DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician™

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Two-Part Intensive Experience

The innovative DBT Comprehensive Implementation & Training Intensive (DBT CITI) is designed for practitioners and programs seeking an immersive training experience in order to build clinical competence in delivering DBT, and is the first step towards qualifying for certification through the DBT-LBC certification board. CITI is also an avenue for existing DBT programs to move closer to adherence by refining clinician skills and building a highly effective DBT consultation team. Existing DBT teams have found CITI to be the optimal way to train new staff in the principles and practices of DBT, and burgeoning teams have found CITI to be the jump start they need towards becoming a comprehensive, adherent program.

Our immersive approach applies the best of training and implementation processes and methods developed by Drs. Marsha Linehan, Kelly Koerner, Linda Dimeff and their colleagues at the University of Washington, BTECH, & BTECH Research over the past two decades. Our focus is on adherence – making sure attendees leave feeling confident in their ability to deliver DBT with fidelity, and prepared to move towards eventual certification.

Elements of DBT CITI

Virtual DBT CITI Part I: Content Acquisition & Drafting a Provisional DBT Program Plan. This five-day virtual training will provide an immersive experience into all elements of DBT’s theoretical, structural, and clinical content, including DBT skills. Instruction will include: didactic presentations, experiential exercises, review and discussion of video and audio tapes, and small-group practice exercises. We will apply an active learning method in our overall approach that includes: learn it (learn fundamental content elements), see it (watch the clinical strategy modeled), and do it (practice applying learned/observed strategy). This strategy is designed to ensure that teams are able to return to their home clinic with clear directions about how to build a DBT program in their unique setting.

Between Parts I & II: Strengthening Clinical Capability and Building a DBT Program. All attendees will be provided an exam and homework assignments. Those returning for Part II will also receive detailed instructions for building a DBT program. Assignments completed during this interim period will be presented at Part II.

We expect the exam to take 2 hours to prepare for and complete. We expect the program development assignments (required for attendees returning for Part II) to take 3 hours to complete.

Virtual DBT CITI Part II: Strengthening Core Competencies and Refining Program Direction. The intent of Part II is to refine and receive feedback on DBT clinical skills and to ensure the development of an adherent DBT program. Those participating as part of a team will do a clinical case presentation and present an overview of their DBT program in order to receive consultation from other programs and the expert trainers. Those participating as individuals will do a clinical case presentation, and be able to discuss their DBT program as is helpful. We will review programmatic elements that are “on-model” and will work with teams to refine any that are “off-model.”

PDBTI’s Virtual DBT CITI Part II combines the benefits of a traditional DBT Intensive/CITI Part II with preparation for DBT-LBC Clinician Certification. Part II is intended for:

  • Teams new to DBT who are completing their 10-day comprehensive DBT training experience.
  • DBT clinicians who have minimally completed a five-day Part I who wish to prepare for DBT-LBC Clinician Certification.
  • Teams seeking further assistance building, enhancing their DBT programs and ensuring their fidelity.


DBT CITI is designed specifically for teams of individuals who work together and who seek to learn DBT and build a DBT program. Each team is required to have a team leader. Individual clinicians and teams of two will be accepted on a case by case basis following review of training applications and will be asked to partner with other DBT providers during training.

In order to make CITI as effective as possible, we want all participants to start with the same foundational knowledge. As such, please ensure all attendees have completed the following prior to beginning CITI:

  • Obtain a hard- or digital-copy of the 1993 Training Manual (Linehan, 1993, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder) and read the first chapter
  • Obtain a hard- or digital-copy of the DBT Skills Training Manual, 2nd Edition (Linehan, 2012) and review the overview of each chapter.


Parts I & II are required for new DBT teams and clinicians who are not part of an established DBT program.

Individuals and Teams up to Five*:
$ 2,225.00 per person

Teams of Six to Nine*:
$ 2,025.00 per person

*Each team member must submit an individual application after the team application is submitted.

For New Members of established DBT Teams only.

Individuals and Teams up to Five*:
$ 1,550.00 per person

Teams of Six to Nine*:
$ 1,350.00 per person

*Each team member must submit an individual application after the team application is submitted.

For more information, please contact
Tricia Satre, 503-290-3293 or tsatre@pdbti.org


CITI Part I Participants who complete ALL training days will earn 30 NBCC CE hours

CITI Part II Participants who complete ALL training sessions will earn 24 NBCC CE hours

Portland DBT Institute has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6326.
Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Portland DBT Institute is solely is responsible for all aspects of the programs.