Enhanced Skills Training


The Enhanced Skills Training Program (EST) teaches DBT skills using a group format. This group meets twice a week, for 60 minutes each time. The groups are educational format, and are more similar to a class than a therapy group. The goal of the group is to learn and apply skills related to emotion regulation, mindfulness, tolerating distress and interpersonal effectiveness. Our group leaders are highly trained and are part of a comprehensive DBT program, teaching the most current version of Marsha Linehan’s DBT skills treatment.  You will meet with the group leader for thirty minutes every-other-week to review progress and troubleshoot skills training.

Medication management is available to those in our EST program through psychiatric nurse practitioners who are on-site, experts in prescribing, and part of the comprehensive PDBTI team.

Clients entering the EST program are asked to have an outside provider who will sign off on a crisis management plan and a provider agreement. An outside provider can be a therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, primary care physician, medication manager, etc. If you do not currently have an outside provider, PDBTI can provide a list of outside mental health providers for you to contact.

Clients entering the EST program remain on our waitlist for our Standard DBT program. Once you reach the top of the waitlist for the full DBT program you will have to option to transfer to our full program, which consists of  once per week individual therapy, a once per week two hour skills group, medication management (if needed) and 24-hour phone coaching provided by the individual therapist.


If you are interested in Enhanced Skills Training for yourself, your loved one, or your client, fill out and submit our electronic referral form and please be sure to mark the box indicating that you are interested in our EST program.

For registration, insurance, and billing questions, please contact our Intake Team
(503) 290-3291, or referral@pdbti.org