Standard DBT Treatment


We offer  DBT treatment adherent to the model developed and extensively researched by Marsha Linehan, PhD at the University of Washington.

This includes:

  • Weekly 50 minute individual therapy
  • Weekly two hour group therapy
  • Twenty four hour phone coaching, available to clients through their individual therapist
  • Medication management is available through psychiatric nurse practitioners who are on-site and part of the PDBTI team.  They take part in weekly consultation and are available to DBT clinicians for maximum coordination of care.

Our 24 week groups are psycho-educational format, which means it is more like a class than a therapy group where people come to vent or get support.

For clients with complex, multi-diagnostic, difficult to treat concerns, taking the Stage 1 group twice is recommended.

In Stage I, there are one week sessions of mindfulness and orientation offered every six weeks, where new clients can join the group.

The 5 week long modules are

  • Distress Tolerance, also known as crisis survival skills
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Problem Solving, also known as how to be your own therapist.

An underlying premise in DBT is that painful emotions drive clients to use ineffective “target behaviors” that make the situation worse in the long run.  Specialty programs such as DBT PME (for eating disorders) and DBT SUD (for substance abuse) have been developed to address the unique problems that may occur with these conditions. We also have a DBT program specifically designed for teens and their families.


If you are interested in DBT treatment for yourself, your loved one, or your client, fill out and submit our electronic interest form.

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