Why is DBT adherence so important?

We pride ourselves on delivering DBT with the highest fidelity to the treatment model developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD, and are passionate advocates of evidence-based therapy and accountability. It is our overarching goal to treat the suffering experienced by the individuals we are privileged to work with, and want to ensure the treatment our clients receive is indeed DBT. We have a number of internal processes in place to ensure adherence, and believe deeply in clinician certification as developed by the Linehan Board of Certification. Simply put, this is the most stringent certification program for ensuring a clinician is able to deliver adherent DBT, and involves a review of employment history, trainings attended, mindfulness practices, and current treatment team status, as well as a written exam, a review by an independent third-party of a clinician’s written case conceptualization, and a third party review and scoring of three of the clinician’s therapy sessions.

Many of our staff are in the process of certification, and we will update this list of clinicians as individuals complete the process, as well as when the clinic as a whole achieves program certification.