Alisha Wells CSWA, CADC II

Alisha by the numbers:

20 (at least) bow ties owned
10 years spent unhoused
7 times per day (at least) they break into random song
2 belly laughs strived for per day
1 totally radical life worth living

Alisha (they/them) received their BS in Psychology and Legal Studies from the University of Oregon and their MSW in Clinical Social Work from Portland State University. Alisha is currently working towards their Oregon Clinical Social Worker license.

Alisha’s passion for mental health and advocacy comes from lived experience. Alisha has worked with individuals diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness, individuals who identify as veterans, individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, individuals returning to the community after periods of incarceration, individuals under review of the Psychiatric Review Board, individuals charged with a crime and housed in a .370 aid and assist program, and individuals in an acute hospital setting. At Portland DBT Institute, Alisha is part of the Salem team.

Alisha’s professional interests include severe and persistent mental illness, forensics and mental health, the intersection of houselessness and mental health, mental health in the LGBTQIA+ community, psychosis, evidence-based treatments, suicide prevention, and dismantling stigma in the mental health field.

Alisha enjoys laughing, hiking, camping, traveling, and playing Uno with their amazing small human in their free time.


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