Brianna Johnson

Brianna by the numbers: 1 dog that looks like a fox named Jeffrey 10 dream vacations planned for some time in the (hopefully near) future 1 the number of stop lights in Brianna’s hometown Brianna grew up in a small

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Loren Wampler

Loren Wampler

Loren by the numbers: 2 years spent as a certified first responder teaching CPR 3 surfboards owned (and broken) 33 1/3 rotations per minute Loren Wampler is a member of the Executive Management team at PDBTI and its sister organization,

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Andrew White

Andrew by the numbers: 2 Dogs in his house who wear ties 89 Year of manufacture of his current VW (and 1991 for his “new” VW) 100 Watts of hearing damage in his current Ampeg V4 guitar amp  120 Pounds

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Linda Dimeff

Linda Dimeff, PhD joins Portland DBT Institute, Inc. as Institute Director after previously serving as Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President at BTECH Research, Inc., an organization she co-founded with Marsha M. Linehan, PhD to facilitate the training and dissemination

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