Bryce Brooks

Bryce by the numbers: 6am coffee every morning 1988 the year she started playing the viola 5lb block of bulk cheese in her fridge 300,000+ miles on her trusty old car 7 times a bear has crossed her path Bryce

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Bonnie Rudder

Bonnie by the numbers: 3 road trips across the US 1 set of pink roller skates 13 cook books 0 recipes followed to the letter Bonnie completed her masters degree in social work at Salem State University in Massachusetts before

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Ashley Maliken

Ashley by the numbers: 6 Concerts attended in the last year (Indigo Girls, Glitterfox, Chet Faker, Dave Matthews Band (x3), Lizzo, Bruce Springsteen) 10 Books on my nightstand I aspire to consume 16 reusable grocery bags in the closet…0 on

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Rachel Mackintosh

Tiffany by the numbers: 3 cats (all tuxedos- 2 with tails, 1 without) 2 living houseplants, undisclosed number of deceased houseplants 100+ bottles of nail polish owned 3 major food passions- chocolate, cheese, chile peppers Rachel joined the Path to

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Renee McGrath

Renee by the numbers: 2 daughters, 1 husband, 3 naughty dogs 5 books that I’m currently reading (2 fiction, 1 nonfiction, 2 professional) 1, 0, and 4 “lucky numbers” that consistently show up in various permutations in my life (addresses,

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Kim Van Beek

Kim by the numbers: 1 great cookie recipe 2 left feet, still learning to dance 3 siblings and 3 grandcats 4 softball teams 5 feet, 2 inches Countless comedy shows attended Kim has always enjoyed listening to people tell their

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Patti Thompson

Patti by the numbers: 10 years in London 3 bikes 2 Australian Kelpie cross dogs 1 Stand Up Paddleboard Patti (she/her) completed her MA in Counseling though Hazelden Betty Ford’s Graduate School of Addiction Studies and is working towards licensure

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Nicole Cherek

Nicole by the numbers: 4 sports played in high school (volleyball, basketball, track, softball) 1 sport played in college (softball) 11 years old when she decided to become a therapist 12 times watched David Byrne’s American Utopia 35 Grateful Dead

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Leigh Moralez

Leigh by the numbers: 22 moves since graduating high school 25 (minimum) sound effects made daily 0 successful gluten-free biscuits made, and 1 puppers (Inara) Leigh Moralez received their master’s in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology from

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Lex Bedevian

Lex by the numbers: 16 times moved throughout life 7 times being out of the country 288 DVDs to watch 2 cats to love and snuggle (Reginald & Sebastian) Lex Bedevian achieved their master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with

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