Diane Habel

Diane by the numbers: 2,662,506 number of feet of elevation climbed on my bike 63,289 number of miles ridden on the bike 2011 year I began cycling 8 number of pairs of Birkenstocks currently in my closet 9 my enneagram

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Amanda Bennett

Amanda by the numbers: 11 tattoos inspired by loved ones 3 little humans share my home 1 Romanichal dialect spoken 8 is my lucky number 2 fur babies Amanda has been involved with social work and providing mental health services

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Sarah Howeth

Sarah by the numbers: 1 book-club-that-doesn’t-read-books member 7 days-a-week she enjoys waking up before the sun 2 sweet, long-haired dogs Countless times she has used a lint roller Sarah (she/her) is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She received her graduate

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Daniela Mendez Faria

Daniela by the numbers: 3 failed driving tests before getting a license 1 sassy cat 11 times watching “The Office” 100+ burritos eaten 6 languages she listens to music in (only) 2,5 languages spoken fluently Daniela, originally from Venezuela, made

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Aubrey Shaw Hetland

Aubrey by the numbers: 5 Bikes Owned 20 Years Practicing Yoga 1 Sweet and Loving Rescue Dog 12 Shoe Size Aubrey Shaw Hetland, CSWA/MSW is a Clinical Social Work Associate through the State of Oregon’s Board of Licensed Social Workers.

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Janice Witt

Janice by the numbers: 3 Very old dogs live with her 100 Songs committed to memory 300 food-bearing trees planted in Costa Rica Janice received her master’s degree from Pacific Oaks College, with a specialization in Latinx Families and Psychology.

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Kristen Schuch

Kristen by the numbers: 14 National Parks visited 3 cats who share her home 42 Sweaters in her closet 2 Star Trek collages created Kristen Schuch got her master’s in clinical psychology from Eastern Illinois University in 2002. She moved

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Claudia Stevens

Claudia by the numbers: 2 dogs 1 cat 1 miniature donkey 2 children 27 years with my partner 4 improv full length performances 12 miles of hiking most weekends I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Portland State

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Bonnie Rudder

Bonnie by the numbers: 3 road trips across the US 1 set of pink roller skates 13 cook books 0 recipes followed to the letter Bonnie completed her masters degree in social work at Salem State University in Massachusetts before

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Rachel Mackintosh

Rachel by the numbers: 3 cats (all tuxedos- 2 with tails, 1 without) 2 living houseplants, undisclosed number of deceased houseplants 100+ bottles of nail polish owned 3 major food passions- chocolate, cheese, chile peppers Rachel joined the Path to

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