DBT for Eating Disorders Program: Path to Mindful Eating


The PME program at PDBTI is designed to provide DBT adherent treatment of eating disorders, following the modifications of Dr. Christine Telch at Stanford University and Dr. Lucene Wisniewski, director of the Emily Program (previously Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders). Our primary goal is to guide individuals diagnosed with eating disorders through a process of recovery by attending to and changing behavioral, emotional, and cognitive patterns.

Depending on individual needs, clients can anticipate

  • Working on nutritional restoration
  • Weight restoration
  • Extinction of eating disorder behaviors
  • Learning how to notice and more effectively manage emotional responses to food and body image

Clients who choose to admit to this program

  • Attend weekly individual therapy (50min),
  • Weekly skills group (2 hours),
  • Bi-weekly meetings with our on-site nutritionist, and nurse practitioner as need.

Duration of admission is agreed collaboratively between clients and their treatment team.


Our team welcomes clients who wish to treat an eating disorder, and in particular those with a complex eating disorder story.

This might include

  • unsuccessful previous treatment
  • co-existing mental health or medical diagnoses
  • histories of trauma or PTSD
  • suicidal or self-harm thoughts or behaviors.

If you are in need of a higher level of care than our Path to Mindful Eating program offers, please consider our Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program.

We are unable to accept clients who are extremely underweight, unless medically monitored weight restoration has already safely begun and close medical supervision continues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept clients who are medically unstable and require hospitalization because of electrophysiological abnormalities, electrolyte imbalances, or other potentially dangerous conditions.


The first step in getting started is filling out our electronic interest form.

Electronic Interest Form

For general information about the program, please contact
Raquel Friedman, PsyD, Path to Mindful Eating program manager at rfriedman@pdbti.org.

For registration, insurance, and billing questions, please contact our Intake Team at referral@pdbti.org or (503) 290-3291.