Molly Dressler LCSW

Molly by the numbers:

1 pair of pink climbing shoes
28 dogs she “dog-sits”
2 cups of chai tea daily
1 time skydiving

Molly earned her masters of social work from Portland State University in 2011 and is currently a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Oregon. She has worked with youth and families in school-based, foster care, in-home, and wilderness settings and has spent time in the medical field assisting adults with complex medical conditions and trauma in both outpatient and hospital settings. Her experience is focused in crisis stabilization, skill building, and improving teen and family understanding of how trauma and mental health issues can affect functioning and relationships. She believes that people are always doing the best they can, and that there are endless opportunities to improve life experiences when people have more information and skills. She joined PDBTI to provide a safe and supportive therapeutic space for youth and families to learn and practice new skills as they work towards a more hopeful and satisfying life. She is a clinician on the Teen and Family team.

In her free time Molly enjoys spending time outdoors with friends, saying “hi” to every dog she meets, rock climbing, and almost always has a puzzle in progress. 


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