DBT for Substance Use Disorders: Path to Clear Mind


DBT-SUD (“Path to Clear Mind”) is a modification of standard DBT developed by Dr. Linda Dimeff while at the Behavioral Technology Transfer Group. Dr. Dimeff is now the clinical director at Portland DBTI.

Among the goals of DBT-SUD are to

  • Become more aware of urges to drink or use and tolerate or reduce them
  • Increase motivation to stop abusing alcohol or drugs; manage aversive emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger without alcohol or drugs
  • Structure the environment to support substance-free living

Individual therapy and as needed phone coaching is provided by clinicians trained in DBT and substance use treatment. Many are credentialed with both a mental health license and certification as addictions counselors (CADC).


DBT-SUD is for those who have co-occurring mental health and chemical dependency concerns. Participants strive for dialectical abstinence, being 100 percent clean and sober, but participation is tempered by a harm reduction model. Urinalysis is available as a treatment option if clinically indicated.


The first step in getting started is filling out our electronic interest form.

Electronic Interest Form

For general information about the program, please contact Jason Fritts, LCSW, DBT-SUD program manager at jfritts@pdbti.org or (503)-290-3282.

For registration, insurance, and billing questions, please contact our Intake Team at referral@pdbti.org or (503) 290-3291.