Skills Training for Parents

Mondays| 5:30pm to 7:00pm
14-weeks | 90 minutes

Portland DBT Institute
5200 SW Macadam Ave. Suite 580
Portland, OR 97239

To get started Skills Training for Parents, please fill out our group only referral form


Skills Training for Parents is structured more like a class than a psychotherapy group.  Participants learn evidence based skills and find ways to problem solve using lecture, discussion, and most importantly, practice. Topics follow the format of our skills groups for current PDBTI clients and will include:

  • mindfulness and acceptance
  • stress management and support of others in managing their stress
  • balancing expression of emotions with emotional control
  • validation and other effective communication skills
  • education about the biosocial model and DBT in general
  • skills for shaping and managing behaviors


This group is open to people who have either attended a Friends and Family Workshop and want to learn more, are parents of current clients attending Young Adult skills training at Portland DBT Institute, or are parents of adult children living in the family home.  Individuals in the group will leave the group being able to better understand what their loved one is learning, how they can be of support, and will learn skills useful for their own lives.


To get started Skills Training for Parents, please fill out our group only referral form

For general information about the group, contact group leader Kimberly Zeszutek, at or at (503)-290-3269.

For registration, insurance questions, and billing questions, please contact our Intake coordinator Brianna Johnson at (503) 290-3297, or

We ask all individuals who wish to participate in services at Portland DBT Institute to complete an intake session in order to review goals of group, answers questions about the group process, create a brief treatment plan, and answer questions about billing and insurance procedures.