Letters of Endorsement

Portland DBT Institute is honored to have worked in the field, locally, nationally, and internationally, in association with truly brilliant clinicians and organizations dedicated to implementing evidence based practices in their communities.

Debra M. Bond, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Assistant Clinical Professor
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry, Psychology Section

I am pleased to write a letter of reference on behalf of Dr. Linda A. Dimeff, Clinical Psychologist, Chief Scientific Officer/President, Evidence-Based Practice Institute, LLC, Seattle, WA and Institute Director, Portland DBT Institute, Portland, OR. I have known and worked directly with Dr. Dimeff since 2010 when I served as the Clinical Director at CT’s state operated facility for adjudicated youth at the CT Juvenile Training School (CJTS) and we began a large scale implementation of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) at the facility. The vision for CJTS was to continue with culture reform by moving from a behavioral levels and point system to the implementation of DBT, an evidence-based program, that would address the individual needs of delinquent youth, provide skills to target multiple complex and trauma based behaviors, decrease aggressive and suicidal behaviors within the facility, increase staff motivation and skills and reduce burnout, and increase generalization of skills from the facility to the community in collaboration with community based service providers and youth families.


Additional letters of endorsement available upon request.
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