DBT-L: Discussion of DBT Clinical and Research Information

DBT-L: Discussion of DBT Clinical and Research Information

Welcome to the Discussion of DBT Clinical and Research Information, also known as the DBT-L email listserv. DBT-L was established by Alicia Gonzales at Duke University as a virtual consultation team. For over two decades, the DBT-L has served as a forum for support and place to exchange information that informs our practice of DBT. Membership is free and criteria for membership are set by the Board of the International Society for the Improvement and Teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (ISITDBT).  DBT-L is and will remain a self-curated (i.e., not moderated) list; we apply the principles and spirit of DBT in our exchanges with one another. Because this is not a confidential closed forum, we take great care to protect confidential information about our clients. The Board reserves the right to remove clinicians from the listserv if significant problems arise (to date this has never happened!). This listserv has both an email delivery service and a web interface and is platform agnostic (e.g. it is not tied to any specific operating system platform or social media platform) and runs on open source software in accordance with the non-hierarchical and transparent principles of DBT.

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