Stacey Foose Accounts Representative and Biller

Stacey by the numbers:

1 sweet husband, & 6 Fluffy bunny fur-kids that have the largest bedroom
2,963 old radio shows / tv shows from the 1930’s to the 1970’s
At least 10 tie-dyed items in her closet
119 Boise State credits completed, waiting to be used for a degree

Stacey worked many years serving developmentally-disabled adults in Corvallis. She’s worked in two Emergency Rooms and an Inpatient Mental Health facility as a CNA / Unit Secretary. She arranged LifeFlight & ambulance inter-facility transfers through Trauma Services. Stacey has also worked as an Account Analyst for five hospitals and was a Mental Health Billing analyst. She’s been an analyst on the “pre-service” side for high-cost procedures and admissions doing coding QA. Her most recent job before PDBTI was doing prior authorizations and referrals for a multiple-location eye clinic practice.

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