Mary-Catherine Nimphius LPC

MC by the numbers:

2  Dogs & sewing machines
Lost Count Listened to The Name of the Wind on Audible
15 Highest level paladin earned in D&D
10 Days on silent retreat

Mary-Catherine (M-C) earned her MS from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI. After graduation she began work at the Center for Behavioral Medicine, a Linehan Board certified DBT clinic in Brookfield, WI. MC collaborated with colleagues to work on program development for an Adolescent DBT Program. MC is currently in the process of working toward Linehan board certification. In addition, she worked as an Internship Coordinator and Instructor with Alverno College in the Community Psychology Graduate Program. During her last time with the Center for Behavioral Medicine she also worked as a clinical supervisor; strengths-based learning and empowerment are important philosophies. MC has received specialized training and experience in adolescent DBT and trauma care; and particularly enjoys working with teens and their families. MC recently moved to Portland to be near to family; and loves working as a DBT therapist and skills trainer. At Portland DBT Institute, MC is a part of the Path to Mindful Eating Team.


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