Julie Hartung

Julie by the numbers:

2 Adorable pups to come home to
16 Years of fastpitch softball played
12 Months out of the year Julie listens to Christmas music
14 Years spent infatuated with the sound of bagpipes

Julie Hartung graduated with her Masters in Social Work from Saint Louis University in 2014 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oregon and Tennessee.  Her social work career began as a crisis counselor helping adolescents and adults who were struggling with suicidality and psychosis.  She later worked with adult women who were addicted to substances, as well as their children in a family residential facility.  It was here that Julie began her DBT training; in this position she provided both individual and group DBT skills training.  Additionally, Julie has experience as a social worker in an inpatient psychiatric hospital treating individuals with mood and personality disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, and substance use disorders.  Julie has a passion for helping individuals who struggle with eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, suicidality, and severe emotional dysregulation.

Julie is devoted to the work of DBT in her practice and in her own personal life.  She believes in the power of DBT and it’s ability to improve one’s quality of life.  At PDBTI, Julie is a DBT Therapist for the Pathways to Mindful Eating program.


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