Eric Matsunaga Outpatient Clinic Operations and Research Associate

Eric by the numbers:

1 trip taken to New Zealand just to see Hobbiton
5 Mickeys tattooed on his arm as a result of his Disneyland obsession
14 board games in his criminally underused collection
2 color-blind eyes ruining his astronaut aspirations

Eric received his BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley. His time spent as an EMT led to a burgeoning interest in patient care, and opened his eyes to a systemic callousness towards mental illness. He hopes to pursue a doctorate program in clinical psychology with the aim of broadening public awareness and dismantling stigma.

At PDBTI, he is the outpatient clinic operations and research associate, working across departments to provide a more streamlined experience for both patients and clinicians. He is also a skills trainer in the eating disorder and adult intensive outpatient programs.


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