Christopher Williams Community Relations Liaison & Event Coordinator

Christopher Williams

Chris by the numbers

19 years in pizza
Dead Moon shows
ride to the opera in the back of a squad car

Born and raised here in Portland, Chris began his career here at pdbti as a simple file clerk. Working well with others, diligently at his projects, and thoughtful in his work day, Chris quickly found himself moving up and doing many import tasks. Chris has worked in our billing, marketing, and intake departments and is now our Community Relations Liaison and Event Coordinator. Following his introduction of Raw Egg Roulette at the holiday party, he has also been given the title of Egg Master General.

At work his days are split between preparing clients for intake, returning phone calls, updating the website, and coordinating trainings (among many other things). Before joining PDBTI, Chris spent over ten years with Westside Community Focus performing direct care for the developmentally disabled. Concurrently, Chris has worked at Escape from New York Pizza since the year 2000. He maintains a single shift to this day.

At Home Chris’s days are split chasing his sons around the house, soothing their mother’s jangled nerves, and writing dinosaur romance novels.  A rabid Trail Blazers fan, Chris has been treated for Blazermania on several occasions.

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