Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte by the numbers:

18 Countries visited as an adult
Years trained in treating Eating Disorders using evidence based practice
Years spent counting neurons (with a really big microscope) before leaving it all to start again as a Social Worker
0 Times regretted her “second career”

As a child, Charlotte dreamed of and incessantly planned travel-abroad and truly believes in following her gut instincts.  These two key pieces of Charlotte have led her to embrace the diversity of life and experiences of her clients. Charlotte received her master’s degree in Social Science Administration (MSSA) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and is now a licensed clinical social worker in the states of Oregon and California. Charlotte’s professional interest is in treating eating disorders and associated needs including borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. She has experience in private practice mental health settings, providing individual, family, and group services for teens and adults. At Portland DBTI, Charlotte is the Program Manager for the Pathways to Mindful Eating program and an experienced member of our Training Team.  She loves her work at PDBTI.


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