Carolyn Williams IOP Clinic Operations and Research Associate

Carolyn by the numbers:

2 languages spoken fluently (English and Spanish)
6 times watching Breaking Bad
9 years living in Miami, Florida
93 musical artists seen live
0 successes of accurately measuring amount of pasta to cook

Carolyn graduated from Scripps College with a BA in Psychology, and also minored in Media/Film Studies. She had the special opportunity to take a Dialectical Behavior Therapy seminar at Norco California Rehabilitation Center, where half her classmates were incarcerated individuals. This led to her passion of DBT and wanting this form of care to be more accessible to marginalized populations. In her free time, Carolyn loves hiking, music (playing it, writing it, and dancing to it), and watching movies.

Carolyn’s research interests include the development of psychopathology, parental influence, culturally competent research/care, and creating accessible resources for underserved communities. Carolyn eventually wants to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and become a therapist and researcher.

At PDBTI, she serves as outpatient clinic operations and research associate. She also co-leads a DBT skills group.


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