April Knowlton

April Knowlton

April by the numbers:

17  acres of farm and forest land grew up running around on.
21 races of various distances ran (and counting)
1994 both the year she was born and year her rickety ol’ Jeep Cherokee was manufactured.
1 crab to the face while trying to cross a dock on the Oregon Coast.

April grew up in the tiny town of Applegate, Oregon with 3 siblings, and spent most of her childhood and adolescence exploring the outdoors, reading, and participating in as many sports and activities as she could make time for.  After high school, April attended Pacific University in order acquire an education that would help her to achieve her goal of a career that would help improve the lives of others, graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology in Spring of 2016.

In the future, April plans a return to graduate school to earn a PhD in Clinical or Applied Psychology (she is currently deciding which).  At PDBTI, April works both as a receptionist and as data entry specialist, assisting in research and analysis.


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