Alysa Romano

Alyssa Romano, LPC

Alysa by the numbers:

1 Goldendoodle pup named Fozzie, who is her favorite muppet
5 months studied in Italy, that she’s still dreaming about
2005 the year she met the love of her life
0 the number of times she has said no to a new adventure

Alysa hails all the way from Miami, FL, which one might say is just a “tad bit” different from Portland, OR. She has been part of a fully adherent DBT team for several years and specifically treats people experiencing Eating and Anxiety Disorders. Alysa is passionate about her work as a Counselor and Yoga Teacher and believes that the committed practice of DBT can change lives. She aims to address issues in a truthful and loving manner, utilizing DBT to share tangible skills while also highlighting the wisdom that is already within her clients.

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