Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat for DBT Therapists

Friday, March 4th, through Monday, March 7th, 2022

The retreat is led by Cedar Koons, MSW, a seasoned practitioner of mindfulness meditation and a student of Prem Rawat since 1974. Cedar is the author of The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions, DBT trainer, supervisor, and consultant. She retired from the DBT team she founded in 2016 after 18 years of service. Cedar assisted at retreats led by Marsha Linehan, Roshi for 13 years. Cedar will give a daily talk on mindfulness and will respond to your questions both during daily Q&A and in daily opportunities for one-on-one interviews.

Portland DBT Institute

Cedar Koons, MSW
The Whidbey Institute at
6449 Old Pietila Road
Clinton, WA 98236


The retreat is designed to provide time for mindful contemplation and practice  within a community of DBT practitioners who seek to live fully in the present  moment without judgment.  

This year’s retreat will be held at the beautiful Whidbey Institute  (whidbeyinstitute.org), on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound – a ferry ride  away from Seattle. Located on 100+ acres, the wooded, serene grounds and  gourmet organic meals inspire peace, contemplation, and tranquility.  

This is a silent retreat, which means that you will be encouraged to eliminate all  unnecessary talking, reading, and working on a computer. Together in the  meditation room, sitting meditation takes place between the hours of 6am and 9pm, in 25 minute intervals, with 5 minutes of walking after each interval. Rest times  include unstructured time after each meal and light community work assignments  (e.g., cleaning of common areas). In addition, each day offers a formal  mindfulness walk in nature, time for a solitary walk or guided stretching, a talk by  Cedar, and opportunities to ask questions either in the community or during private  interviews. The retreat is inclusive of many traditions but not affiliated with any  one practice, religion, or belief system.


This brief, formal retreat is ideal for individuals who have not previously attended a silent retreat focused on sitting meditation and mindfulness. DBT practitioners of all levels and persons of any religious tradition or no religious affiliation are welcome to attend.


Registration fee includes all meals, room, board and tuition.

Single Occupancy Room: $675.00 

The retreat begins Friday at 3pm and concludes Monday at noon.

All participants must be COVID-19 vaccinated.


Cancellations must be made before December 1st in order to receive a refund.

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